Kemosabe RanchAoudad Sheep Hunting

Kemosabe Ranch Aoudad Sheep Hunting

Kemosabe Ranch in the Texas Hill Country offers trophy Aoudad hunts all year long. We have many Aoudad in excess of 30 inches with large bases. We typical prefer to hunt them when the Texas Whitetail season is out. This provides us an opportunity to hunt them in a exciting spot and stalk manner even though they can be stand hunted. Aoudad or Barbary Sheep are very large animals with many weighing in excess of 300 lbs so we prefer the hunter use a 300 caliber gun to insure a clean kill as the terrain can be very severe resulting in a difficult retrieval or loss of the animal. There is a link on the website of a TV hunt with Ben Locker that was filmed at the ranch. In the video two 32’ Aoudad were shot and the video also shows some spectacular footage of the ranch terrain.